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This should make it easier for your audience to follow the succession of milestones. Finally, to make certain milestones stand out even more, you can also resize them or change their shape using the options in the SmartArt Tools Format tab. After experimenting with several shape and size options, my MS Word timeline looks like this:. Apart from being time-consuming, manually creating a timeline in Word may also get frustrating if you want to apply custom changes or need to update the visuals regularly for important presentations. PowerPoint is better suited than MS Word for building visuals to present in client meetings or executive reviews.

Below, I will demonstrate how to automatically create and update your graphic using a simple add-in for PowerPoint called Office Timeline. To get started, you first need to install Office Timeline Plus , which will add a timeline maker tab to the PowerPoint ribbon.

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You will be taken to a gallery where you can choose from a variety of styles and templates that you can use for your timeline. Double-click on the template or style you prefer and then select Use Template in the preview window to open the Data Entry Wizard. For my example, I chose a custom template made earlier, which you can download here. In the Data Entry window, you can either manually enter your milestones and set their dates, or you can copy and paste them from an existing Excel file.

Once you finish, click the Create button. Depending on your template choice and the customizations you make, your timeline can look similar to this:. For instance, you can change the color, position and date format of any milestone or add new ones on the fly as your plans change, or you can insert tasks as well to create a Gantt chart. Learn to make a Gantt chart manually in Word or automatically in PowerPoint. Thank you! Please note you've to add our NEW email km bookmail. Read more. Post a Review.

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How do I check my version of Office?

Free ebooks since If I try to paste into a spreadsheet or format a cell the program crashes. I could go back to Win8, which is stable but nasty. Become a Patron of Ask Leo!

What version of MS Office is on my computer?

It concerns me that Office worked in Win10 until after an update to Windows So, one straw I might grasp at is a clean install of Office The problem here is that they are different — as different from Office as the most current versions of Office, just in different ways. You might not have a ribbon interface the most common complaint of post versions of Office , but much else will change in either look or behavior.

Download right-click, Save-As Duration: — 2.

Leo, I successfuly use VB6 with my up to date Win 10 no problems. I think Libre Office is a great alternative to Office From my experience, the user interface is more similar to Office than more recent versions of MS Office are to Office , so it should be a relatively painless transition. Libre Office can be made to save in. As an old hand with office, it drove me nuts when they switched to the Ribbon, so I installed it and I loved it. Excellent advice to do a clean install of Office — after doing a thorough uninstall. I think Microsoft may still offer a program that will remove all traces of its older versions.

They also offer OfficeTab which puts, for example, all of your open Excel files in a single window with tabs like a browser, rather than opening each file in a different instance of Excel. But why not uninstall Office completely and try the day free trial of Office or Office ? You might be pleasantly surprised.

You can still save files in the old format — but you should know that the new format produces much smaller file sizes. A solution to restore the help systems is to run WinHlp Microsoft indicates the executable WinHlp Not only Office , but Publisher works fine, too.

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  6. Leo, regarding the question about Office on a Windows 10 computer, I have found that Office works fine with Windows I reinstalled and all is OK. Before that never had a problem. Why do I still use Word Suite , because why should I use the ribbon menu alien to all other programs be they word processor, graphics etc. Short answer, YES, all parts of work in W home issue. I continue to use Office with a compatibility pack for later versions on my desktop, where the OS is Win 7.

    I was not able to get to install correctly via the CDs, so got Office The saving grace is that I installed Classic Menu for Office, which provides most of the easier-to-find menus, so rarely have to rummage around the ribbon for anything. At the time I got it, it was free. Still well worth it.

    Microsoft Office /// (Win) - Repairing Corrupted Program Files

    I guess I am fortunate because I have had Office long before Windows 10 came into the picture and so far have not experienced any problems with it. I would just rather pay once and not have to be bothered with it again. I will take a look though at the version on Ebay. If that is the only cost I will consider making that purchase. Any comments on that? Does anybody know if this requires paying the monthly fee? Please note that Office does have the ribbon interface, if this is a problem. Also, if the cheap product keys are pirated, they could well be detected before long, leaving the program crippled.

    The reseller sent me the license keys via email along with a link to download the software from Microsoft. I followed the link and had to enter the license keys to download two fully legitimate copies of the software. These resellers buy volume licenses and then resell them individually. All legal and above-board.

    No piracy. It does all I want, and thanks to Microsoft! Does anyone see any future problems looming…? Unsupported software can put your computer at a higher risk for malware due to unpatched vulnerabilities. Keeping software up to date is an important layer of security. I too am using Office Professional with all the updates successfully with Windows It provides all my needs. No additional expense of newer Office versions and especially going to the latest Office where you have to pay and pay and pay … continuously to keep using it.

    I grew to like Office on my job as a software engineer using all features and tools included, then moved on to Office I acquired a copy for my personal use because it was perfect for what I needed. I have continued using it on my personal computers under XP, Windows 7, 8, and now I have installed it on many computers as they have come into usefulness and as they phased out in favor of later and more capable hardware and operating systems.

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    I have to commend Microsoft for having created such a useful and reliable tool as Office , which I am currently using on all of my computers under Windows I have never had real problems with it. I have thought about using the latest Office XXX, but there is no incentive.

    installing Office 2003, Office 2007, and Office 2010

    What I have works great, and the alternative is to pay a subscription and then to rely on the cloud for various support. All that is unnecessary unless I have to share with coworkers and such, or Office stops working altogether.