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Core Box. Human Fate. Daedalus Gate Scenery Pack. All Rules Expansion books Graphic novels Hobby. Daedalus' Fall. Third Offensive. We found that those who thought about their own actions and how they caused harm expressed increased outrage and a greater desire to punish illegal immigrants. More recently, we conducted a series of five studies with over 1, American adults.

Outrage! (1986) Beau Bridges, Robert Preston, William Allen Young, Linda Purl, Brent Jennings

We explored the relationship between guilt and outrage over labor exploitation and destructive environmental practices in corporations. In one study, participants read a fabricated news article that either blamed the harmful effects of climate change on their own consumer behavior or on Chinese consumers. We found that those exposed to information attributing climate change to their own behavior felt more guilt unless they had the opportunity to first express outrage at oil companies. Furthermore, we found that those who felt greater guilt subsequently expressed more outrage. However, between ratings of guilt and outrage we manipulated whether or not participants had the opportunity to affirm their own moral character.

In other words, bolstering their moral self-image diminished the amount of outrage expressed by those who initially reported high levels of guilt.

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The point is that outrage is much more than an obvious response to injustice. Rather, it is a culmination of many factors that may all play a role. Secondly, research suggests that not all outrage is merely self-serving. While our work supports this idea, other research shows that outrage does fuel activism and motivates groups to promote social change. In other words, there is evidence to suggest that outrage can have genuinely moral motives and goals or that it can be driven by personal insecurities or, more likely, some combination thereof. Third, our research shows that outrage works essentially the same way across the political spectrum.

We found that reminding people of their own harmful behavior evoked outrage for both token conservative e.

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Moreover, guilt predicted outrage regardless of whether participants identified as being politically liberal or conservative. In trying to understand what motivates outrage, we would argue that concerns about injustice, social appearance and personal guilt all play a modest role. Instead, we see the evolving science on outrage as highlighting motives and functions that competing groups share.

Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. People protest at a demonstration in Market Square, in Cleveland. Zachary K. Rothschild , Bowdoin College , Lucas A.

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