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Here then are 2 of the 3 known North American passenger equipment to survive from the 's. Possibly unique: no printed caption, no photographer attribution, no publisher credit. But no one was showing or offering this rarity. Loose-leaf organization suggested for the specialist. Wheeling, W. Ottenheimer, lower corner crease, long thin light mark in sky, toned both sides from album contact. Post card mailed Not clear whether this is in eastern West Virginia or western Virginia.

Rare: the only other one we found was in the Illinois Digital Archives. Isn't it a dandy No one else can show you this.

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Belongs in the Ritchie County Historical Society. Robert F. Massa in New York City, upper corner crease, tiny bottom corner crease, other edge wear is minor, hints of cancel ink in the front sky.

Dahlin with his equipment. Tape residue at top. The trumpet has military use as a signaling instrument. Uncommon: as early as the S. Fresh with good edges. B and A. Yards" color from Hugh C. William Sackriede in Omaha Nebraska, very faint bottom corner crease, trivial edge wear.


Seldom seen identified by the proper state. Despite the light cancel, enough information is there to figure everything out. Hard to find: a collector photo not produced in commercial quantities. Wilt numbered on back , 2 corners creased 1 is tiny , minor edge wear. The Scenic Railway, as it was sometimes called, lasted from to , when it was replaced by the much more famous Blue Streak. Rare: when we searched the internet no one was offering or had offered this card, and no one was even exhibiting it.

Please see the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Noyes, light cancel ink on front. Unused chrome post card. Steamer Mount Washington. On Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire. See also West End Street Railway , its precursor. Seldom offered.

Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo post card showing British Columbia Electric Railway observation car partially loaded with tourists, in front of George S. Seldom seen. Holyhead Ferry 1 Sealink , on cover with multicolor cachet, British 4 d. QEII stamp to Ireland. The ship was owned by British Railways.

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Tunnel, Bay Ridge, N. The in the caption is a card number, not a year. Northern Pacific depot on an old sepia-tone card, yellowish paper, trivial corner wear. We are told that this was recently demolished at the behest of the property owner, Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Burlington Cody Inn, Cody, Wyo. Burlington Cody Inn, Cody, Wyoming" white-border era postcard mailed from Yellowstone Park's Old Faithful Station, corner crease away from the image, internal crease at top center. Same except no internal crease, unused, minor corner wear. Both are different printings, as can be seen by how the printer retouched a scrape in his plates at the right center edge.

TR R. Burlington Route logo on back. Two large toning spots album paste? To order from this pricelist, please click here. Install this webpage as a Favorite now. Shown with its crest, Colourmaster series. Princess Marguerite.

Our date estimate comes from the only postmark we could find on a card from this series. Barr's Post Card News. August 24, 20 pages. Mac Farlane, printed in Germany , album marks on front. Station, Windsor, Canada. Two trains are in the center foreground one in each direction. Passengers have come outside of one for the picture. Viaduct, Lethbridge, Alta. Length, 1 mile and 45 feet ; Height, feet " also known as the High Level Bridge; postcard mailed from Spring Coulee Alberta to Miss Florence Mitchell in Indianapolis Indiana, 3 corners with small bends, minor edge wear elsewhere, back paper browning evenly with age.

Assiniboia, Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada.


Read ‪Railroad Postcards in the Age of Steam‬ Ebook Free

Registered to the Canadian Pacific Railway in Station, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada " showing the hotel by that name, not a ship so named; unused carte postale made in Canada, good edges. Note the unusual placement of the horse beside the car, instead of in front or in back. A little pen writing neatly near the bottom edge: "OK Show" probably a photographer's proof offered to the Capo family that never made it to commercial postcard status -- at least when we looked we could not find a single example exhibited or offered on the internet.

This error postcard happens to be rare.

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If you see something like it, it will undoubtedly have a corrected caption with more to the bottom right of the image. As is. Necessary before the tidal Straits of Carquinez were bridged in This postcard is an advertising effort of the restaurant to secure the business of those traveling to or from New York City via the Sandy Hook Route of the Central Railroad of New Jersey to various New Jersey coastal resorts.

The incorrect spelling was used in advertising only once, as best we can tell, on page 3 of the March The Suburbanite. Mysteriously that ad referred to 'The Garrett Airship' implying there was balloon service from ship to the top the building. We found no other such mentions, so if such service existed it was only for a very brief time; one accident would have been sufficient to discontinue it. Rare, corrected or not: when we searched the Internet we found no other offers, current or previously. Very hard to find in any condition.

Would make a stunning desktop background. The ship was registered to the Central Railroad of New Jersey in The ferry was registered to the Central Railroad of New Jersey in It was gasoline-powered, as seen here, only from - Hard to find in any condition. To SAL Rare; seldom offered. Album toning both sides. History in your hands. Station, Ashland, Ky.

North Freedom, Wis.

Frank Bennett in Zanesville, minor wear at 3 corners, minor stamp damage. Station, La Grange, Ill. Rare: no other offers or exhibits found, whether the town name is spelled with or without the space. This type of engine was especially suited for pushing heavy loads in hilly or mountainous terrain. Depot, La Grange, Ill.

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